1.In the complex is a group of  separate 44 family houses of 5 categories – A,B,C,D,E

2.Each family house is connected with the urban net: water, electricity, gas-distribution, canalisation and telephone

3.Each house has an own heat pump 

4.Each house has an own house connection line

5. In the middle of the covered area is a large child´s park

 In the middle of a wonderful nature

 The complex of  family houses is situated near the town Dobris, in a distance of 26 km
from the Czech capital Prague (towards South). This complex of houses is embedded in a beatiful locality, where aren´t important industrial objects, the town is situated in an altitude of 350m.

The cosy ambience of  this place is very attractive – there are woods, ponds and wonderful quiet corners. The town Dobris offers a complete infrastructure,namely child´s park, primary and econdary school, post office, sanitation, dispensaries, many shops, restaurants, sport facilities, cultural and social devices. Besides, the visitors have numerous possibilities for relaxation and cultural life.

Inside the region of Prague

 It´s very easy to travel in Prague – going by car or taking a bus, you will arrive at Prague within 20 -30 minutes (from Dobris to Prague you can use a four-lanes road). Buses depart each 20 minutes, it´s possible to use a train too (such train to Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) is a component of the urban transports) and goes through a wonderful landscape. Traveling by car, you need only two hours.

   The Czech Republic is situated really in the heart of Europe. It´s  a Country full of contrasts, wher you will discover not only symbols of the Slavonic history and numerous vestiges of medieval affectation, but also the modern present of a middleeuropean Country. Thanks to
all these facts, each inquisitive visitor from abroad can look forward to many pleasant experiences… You can travel in Bohemia either yourself or with own family,be at rest in an ambience of a beatiful nature, or visit one of the Czech mountain skiing centres (an active relaxation is very healthy !). With Your family or friends is possible to visit various Czech historical sights, to experience the magnific atmosphere visiting medieval castles, manors and palaces. The Czech capital Prague will surprise you not only thanks to local historical sights, but also with its surprising modernity. Prague is well-known all over the world. The Czech Republic offers rich possibilities how to improve your health, if you will decide to visit the well-known Czech spa.


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